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    2002 virage I water coming out of the spark plug holes

    Hello I just got this polairs jet ski in a auction it said that it just had a little damage to the hull. After getting it home I charged the battery and try to turn it over it would not turn over pulled the spark plugs full of water. Did a compression check it had 190 psi both cylinders but they leak down is that ok could sure use some help thank you

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    Its probably too late already, but you need to get all of the water out of that engine and get it fired up. If it was sitting with water in it, the crank bearings are most likely junk. 190 psi is way too high, it was probably trying to compress some water. Pull the plugs out and intermittently crank the engine until no more water comes out. Then see if you can possible get it to run. Were you trying to run it on a hose by chance?

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    Welcome to the hulk

    Did you connect the engine to a garden hose while trying to start it?

    If you did NOT use a garden hose connection, then I would assume the engine has rusted internally. When a watercraft engine gets water inside, it can often be saved if the water is removed within a few hours. If water sits inside the engine for days or longer then the steel engine bearings rust. Even a little rust in those engine bearings means the engine must be rebuilt.

    Even if you get the engine to start and run right now, if those crank bearings have any rust, they will not last long when the engine is out on the water producing almost 100HP and running at 6000+ RPM. Maybe a few minutes, maybe a few hours. Maybe seconds.

    The good news is that the two cylinder Polaris engine is a good engine. Once rebuilt, it will produce good power, excellent fuel economy, and long life.

    The Virage I has the Ficht fuel injection system. There are some known issues with Ficht, but they can be corrected.

    See my signature links for more info regarding Polaris watercraft. There is a section on how to recover from a water flooded engine.

    It really comes down to what condition the rest of the Virage i is in, and how much effort and money you are willing to invest in repairing it.

    The Virage is an excellent watercraft design. I have a Virage TXi myself.

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