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    Water Cooling Hose Routing

    Can anyone explain to me how the water cooling system is supposed to be routed on a 1997 yamaha Venture 760. I recently had to take my WaveRunner apart looking for an engine air leak. Iíve got it all back together now, but I want to make sure that my water cooling lines are back together correctly. When I start the engine (on the hose) Iíve got water coming out of the pisser, so I think Iím O.K. Ė just want to make sure the water is flowing right.

    Iíve got the water inlet line (coming from the back of the hull) connected to the back side of the exhaust system near the engine exhaust ports. There are also (2) water ports on the top of the engine. The rear engine port is connected by hose to a port on the front, lower side of the exhaust system near the engine exhaust. The front engine port is connected by hose to the pisser on the front left side of the hull. The last hose comes off a port on the very top of the exhaust system and goes to the back of the hull near the jet, which I assume is a water outlet. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? Thanks!

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    Sounds correct.

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