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    Lost Spark, Does the MFI have anything to do with the ignition system?

    Have turned from a light auto mechanic to a hobby pwc mechanic, have been repairing an 06 polaris virage.
    Has been running great until the screen began flickering on and off, now i have lost spark. Does the MFD have anything to do with providing power to the coil? I have no power to the coil and so far have traced it to the electronic control box... is there anything else i should check before i replace the control module?

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    Year and exact model info would be helpful. No such thing as a 2006 Polaris watercraft, since production ended in 2004. Model year is the last two digits of the HIN number plate on the rear deck.

    Is this a carburetor or fuel injected engine?

    On carb engines, a bad MFD/MFI can possibly cause ignition issues. See my signature links for how to bypass the MFI security for testing (Virage and Genesis models only)

    Note that the red domestic engines require a very strong battery, especially the red carb engines. Battery must deliver more than 10.6 volts or you will not have spark.

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