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    2003 Yamaha GP1300R with 48 I need to run the catalytic converter on it?

    Recently purchased gp1300 with 48 hours on it and local dealership told me the first thing I should do is take the cat off and run the ski without it. They said I don't need it and the cats have a tendency of failing which could cause the engine to overheat. Can I just take it out and unhook the sensor, or will this cause engine shutdown because the cat is gone? If I cant do this, is the Riva plate replacement a good idea? Cant really find any information on the internet about this, so any help would be appreciated!....Thanks!

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    There is PLENTY of information on the internet about the gp1300r, MORE so on this forum. Everything you'll ever need to know is a search away on these forums. Anything you need to buy is right under your nose in the GreenHulk performance parts store on the top of your screen. OEM parts can be found up top as well. What the dealership was trying to tell you, is that you need to remove your CAT and replace it with a:

    RIVA GP1300R Cat Removal D-plate

    Found in the GreenHulk store.

    You'll also need to buy a:

    RIVA Cat Temp Sensor Chip

    also found at the GreenHulk store

    Then go here:

    Forum: Yamaha How To & FAQs

    for most of your installations


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    It is best to remove the cat and put hte Dplate and chip
    Might have my old Dplate laying around lmk if your interested

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    I have a 2003 GP1300R, the dealer is correct, pay to have the cat removed and the D plate installed. New OEM cat is $1,000 plus labor. A D plate is $90, you will also need to install a heat temp sensor after doing the D plate which is $20 and takes 5 minutes to install or less. Your ski's odometer will display a heat symbol meaning that it thinks it has overheated cause of a missing cat, this is called "limp mode" installing the heat temp sensor will fix this.

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