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    1999 polaris genesis ficht won't idle

    My 1999 Genesis Ficht all of a sudden decided not to idle. There is good throttle response but when you let off the throttle the engine stalls. It will start back up and will run strong when restarted.
    There are no codes showing. It was thought that the votage regulation at idle was too low to fire the injectors and the EMM was sent out for testing. The unit tested fine so here we sit with this problem and no real soultion.
    I would love to hear from someone who has some input that may help us get to the end of this problem. The shop manual does not address this condition to our satisfaction. If it were old fuel one would expect performance problems through the full throttle range and there is no idle adjustment on this unit.

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    I would check fuel pressure. If you unplug the TPS will it idle for you? When was the last time you replaced spark plugs? NGK PZFR6H only, nothing else will run properly.

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    My first thought is that the TPS may be failing. A bad TPS can cause all sorts of odd symptoms. If the TPS is not new, I suggest installing a new or known good TPS.

    What is the service history on this machine?

    1999 was the very first year for Ficht fuel injection on Polaris watercraft.

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