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    Rxtx260 fully modded! $12,000 landed in MIAMI. or parting out.

    UNFORTUNATLY im having to sell my baby due to a business venture i cant pass up. This is the second RXTX260 i have built so i knew exactly what i wanted. It was supposed to be my final offshore beast. You can tell by the pics its garage kept and in imaculate condition. This is a true MONSTER. reliable and fast.

    The ski has less than 30hrs on it with service about every 8 hours ( yes i know thats excessive). Please feel free to ask questions or ask for more pics and please make an offer as THIS MUST SELL.

    When i purchased this ski is 2011 there was no reflash for the ECU nor was there a bypass for the reverse and a lot of problems with the fly-by-wire. This is probably one of the first skis fully convereded to cable throttle and deleted revese bucket crap! See pics!

    2011 RXTX 260 RS (30hrs)
    2011 Aluminum Triton Trailer
    JETTRIBE gear bag fully loaded.

    Modified Handlebars painted.
    ODI grips
    X-throttle lever
    X-start/stop housing
    JetTrim seat cover
    Deleted Reverse bucket
    Eric Burton intake grate
    14/19 Skat prop
    87mm nozzle
    conversion ring to use 4 bolt nozzles ( larger selction)
    SDC nose cone.
    SDC extended rideplate

    walbro fuel pump
    Riva fuel pressure control
    60# injectors
    SDC ECU (9050 RPM)
    SDC 4" intake
    SDC c-kit (18lb boost)
    TEAM MEAN custom intercooler (sick)
    SDC fogging kit
    SDC built head (lightened valves, shims and retainers for 9200 RPM)
    SDC racing t-stat
    Gutted waterbox
    Riva thru-hull exhaust.

    HUGE JetTribe gear bag
    Bell Helmet
    Oakley goggles ( 2 frames 1 lense)
    JetTribe Gloves
    JetTibe Jacket
    JetTribe riding pants
    JetTribe Boots
    JetTribe wetsuit.

    Im sure there is much more but this is all i can think of at the time. This thing is a beast in the rough water. It is in mint condition and needs a good home. If your looking for a fast reliable ski this is it at a steal of a deal. I have no cluewhat this thing i worth but it must sell so please make an offer!

    This ski is curently in the cayman islands it can ship worldwide. The cheapest/fastest way to the USA is through the MIAMI FL port.
    LETS START AT $12,000 for everything!

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    Good luck with the sale!

    You should consider bumping your previous FS thread for this ski

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Good luck with the sale!

    You should consider bumping your previous FS thread for this ski
    Thanks but some parts have changed, gear wasnt included, and took new pics, it was easier to start fresh. Willing to negotiate on price for quick sale, let me know if you know anyone interested.


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    Anyone interested at lower price???

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    Interested in helmet n vest
    I'm 6ft 198 lbs wear 7-1/4 " hat

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude596 View Post
    Interested in helmet n vest
    I'm 6ft 198 lbs wear 7-1/4 " hat
    Thanks for the intrest. I have 3 pending offers on the entire package, if things fall through ill let you know, but it looks like the package will be gone soon!

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    Do you want to sell parts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danieletrono View Post
    Do you want to sell parts?
    Did you read post above yours?

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