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    Puerto Rico Adventure Part 2

    Here is part 2 of our trip to Puerto Rico. I did manage to go fishing two half days in La Parguera. The first time my wife and I rented a small skiff and explored a lot of the small islands and mangroves. It was blowing a steady 25-30kts so we could not venture outside of the reef. I caught several small- medium Barracuda trolling the inside edges of the reef.
    I was going to charter a small boat and go Tarpon fishing the next day but the Capt. called and said his boat broke down the night before.
    We went back to La Parguera and I went fishing with a young local guy named Robin who was eager to show me around the area and catch some fish. It was another windy day but we caught several small Cudas, some yellow tail and I got hooked up with two nice Tarpon that came off after a brief run. He showed me all around the area and we stopped and talked to some of the commercial fisherman on the way in. Robin was a great guide and a real enthusiastic hand line fisherman.

    Here some pictures from around La Parguera.

    Smallest cuda I have ever seen.

    These little guys wouldn't stay off the line either.

    Robin trolling a hand line.

    My wife with our little rental car overlooking La Parguera, It was a pretty sight!

    There were a lot of cool little house in the mangroves.

    And of course some birds.

    One of my favorite trips was the Rainforest in El Yunque.

    We did some serious hiking up and down hills and saw some really pretty water falls. Some very public and a couple with no one around.

    Here is a short video of me finally making it up a slippery hill to a water fall. Click on image to start video.

    We found our way to "The Beast" Zip line where I did one of the longest and tallest zips. It was a real cool view at 60 mph over a valley.

    Here is my attempt at a video of going across.

    Later that day we went to the Botanical Gardens. Some great stuff to see and an awesome lunch as well.

    One night we did the Bio Bay tour by kayak to see the luminescence. That was a fun trip with a great group of people playing Bumper Kayak at night.

    It was a fun filled non stop vacation. We both loved it. But it is always nice to come home. Except the back to work part! Ha!

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    The mangrove area looks a little like Bocas Del toro Panama with the houses on the water. That zip line looks kick ass. The one in Costa Rica I went on was a joke in compairson. Thanks for sharing.

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