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    Exclamation 97 Tigershark WOT issue

    First of all, thanks for the great forum!

    Now the issue, I have a 97 Tigershark Montego 640cc. This thing runs perfect for a bit while cruising around on the water. Then at WOT it decides to drop to what feels like half the RPM's. Keep in mind, I am still pegging the throttle. So, I let off the throttle and slow down, then peg the throttle again. The thing pull one heck of a hole shot, reaches top RPM's but then suddenly drops to about half again. Doesn't seem to be sputtering or miss-firing during any of that. It feels like a limiter of some sort.

    Sometimes while it is running at the limited RPM's, if I hit some jarring waves, it will reach max RPM but will limit back down after a few seconds.

    I am not a jet ski mechanic by any means but I know some and this is baffling to me!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The first two things that come to mind are either a fuel/ignition issue or rev limiter is active. When the engine performance is reduced, is it stuck a a specific RPM or does it vary? If it is a specific RPM, what is it?

    If it is stuck around 3500 RPM (if I remeber correctly) then it may be the rev limiter whihc is usually an overheat condition.

    If not a rev limiter issue, it may be a fuel issue. Have you serviced or inspected the carbs / fuel lines?

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