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    Cool FZR 2013 engine noise help!

    hello everyone, i'm new to this forum and i have a FZR 2013 with 10.3hrs, have free flow exhaust to. when i turn on the ski i hear a noise but not sure if it's normal, can u guys help me out and listen to it and tell me? thank you!

    hear is the video:

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    Perfectly normal. That is your supercharger slowing down as it spins at 10x the rpm as your engine. When you don't hear that noise is the time to worry.

    If you're referring to the buzzing noise. That is your bilge pump.

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    Turning on the ski you are most likely hearing the fuel pump and this would be normal

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    Watching and listening to the video there are a couple of noises.

    The one that sounds like a metallic whirring noise with a stutter while the engine is running is the supercharger (gear driven), this is normal.

    The rattle when you shut off the engine is the supercharger spinning down

    The buzz at the very end of the video is likely the fuel pump. The bilge pump is in the aft compartment and wouldn't be that easy to hear at the front of the engine.

    Sounds normal to me!

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    That's normal I was worried when I got my fzr the first time too because its a weird noise for a new ski lol. But worry just ride it like you stole lol and if something just take it to dealer under the 1 years warranty and they got you covered..

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    Thank you guys! now i will ride it like i stole it lool

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