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    is there a list of things to look for when buying used? (2001 LRV)

    I have been looking for a seadoo LRV or Yamaha SUV and have one I am going to look at. It there a list of things that I should check somewhere?

    I have see a copy a boat survey and that is pretty good but is there PWC or model specific items to be concerned about?



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    also considering that the LRVs and SUVs are over 10 years old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomsticks View Post
    also considering that the LRVs and SUVs are over 10 years old.
    Being 2-strokes and 10 years old. More than likely will have carb/fuel problems. When you have these kind of problems. You will more than likely have a engine problem already or very soon. JMO

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    Water test the ski. There is a problem, if it doesn't run perfect in the water. Do a compression check before going to the water, also.

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    thanks. The lakes are still iced over here in michigan. only clear water is in the river. Should I not buy one unless I can water test it??

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    call around to the local shops and see if anybody has a water tank you can test the ski in. I get $75 for a preflight check which includes 30 minutes in my skank tank with a full throttle run while checking the engine bay for any issues. I'm a bit too far from you to be of any help, but I suspect _somebody_ within an hour or two drive will have a test tank.

    A water test is strongly advised, as the only thing you can tell while running on the hose is that the engine will run. Still could need an expensive carb rebuild.

    I'd love to get one of those big suv class skis, but so far the only ones coming up for sale are totally thrashed

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    If you can not put it in the water and you find a deal, compression check, run on hose,starts good, reves good, idels fine, get underneath and inspect impeller though intake grate, with real good flashlight. inspect back of jet pump just behind impeller look at the fins on the inside if they are dinged or missing pieces out of them, look for wear on the ring and look at the gap on impeller and wear ring clearance, you may need help holding light in the intake while looking up the jet pump should be a very fine gap with little light comming through for clearance, depends on model may need to remove nozzle not a big deal to do, when running how bad does the jet pump rattle a good one should not make a sound to a little rattle, if it sounds like a garbage disposal = to much wear and not enough maintenance , walk, if its hard to start carb issues, there is so much to take into account when buying a ski, how many hours for one does the compression validate those hours such as 100 hours on a 1200 should be about 116 psi give or take if it has 100 hours and has 107, then chances are they replaced the MFD gauge with lower hours or the motor and ski has not been maintained, like I said lots of things to look out for and there are alot of dishonast people out there, why are they selling it for one.....Your best bet is to save your money and buy a four stroke Yamaha. Seadoo LRV, has the grey fuel lines been replaced what type of oil? if not seadoo =walk, as well compression on 951 motor = 150/150 new, if 100 hours and comp. is 110/110 =walk Look at the head bolts if paint is missing that means the heads have been gotten into.
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    I found a 2000 i am going to look at this weekend. Sounds pretty good. Hopefully warm enough to water. Test it.

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    Well this weekend is out they couldnt get the ski in the water because of the ice. Maybe next weekend. I have spingfever so bad.

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