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    2005 speedster oil leak need help

    hi all after riding my SC speedster I found all the engine covered up with oil and the oil was not overfilled it was just after the middle of the bends and the dipstick popped up I added some oil and tightened the dipstick took it for another test it did the same the engine was covered up with oil but the dipstick did not popped up any ideas the supercharge was rebuild two hours ago also changed oil and filter please heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

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    You need to check and see if your dipstick tube has pooped out of the case!....get a miror and flashlight and look under the intake manifold....that must be your may have to take the intake bolts out and rock the intake back to see whats up!...check your oil filter bolt and be sure the cap is tight

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    Make sure they didnt pinch the orings on the filter cap either.

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    some 2005 models had the plastic oil filter cover with the single o-ring. They tend to crack after a while. If that's the case, the oring has blown out, just get a new metal filler cap that uses the double o-ring system and you're all good.

    I believe the latest seadoo upgrade can be had which will pop the filter cap when you spin the bolt out ( thanks!)

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    Thanks all for posts I need to tell you that I saw some oil spreading from the front of the SC when accelerating also when turning the Plige pump on I can hear its sound but no water comes out of the drain wholes

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    Its possible that its leaking where the supercharger slids into the pto cover. If I remember theres two o ring on the charger. Id also check them.

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    Broken engine mounts can cause the drive shaft to not be all the way in. Oil can leak where it goes into the PTO housing. If the mounts are all good (easy to check by pulling up on the engine) and the drive shaft was not removed during this work then its unlikely the cause. I just figured I would add another possibility.
    If you think it could be the leak then check for the depth gauging tell tail grove that is on the drive shaft. If you can see a groove where it goes in past the seal then the shaft is not in far enough. It may also slide in further by hand if you pull forward.

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    I ve checked the o rings in the oil filter they were not damaged also checked the engine mounts by pulling up and they were good for checking depth gauging tell tail I don't jet you how to do this check please let me know by number in this digram

    Also a friend that has more experience advice me to change part 42-43 on this digram it has a seal under it that it could be causing the leak he said please advice

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    Sounds weird, but blow in the oil filler neck and listen in the hull, I had a sc model that was leaking at the oil cooler (they rust then leak) hope this works

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