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    Electrical problem with '04 FX 140

    This is part of a threat posted on the SoCal Watercraft Forum with a problem I'm having:
    Took the old lady out Sunday at Shelter and had trouble after 25 min in to the ride. First I noticed my GPS turned off (hardwired), then the boat ran like fuel is cutting out, I stopped and talked with my buddy Curk about what's going on, checked again to see if still the same on and off like no fuel, stopped again and turned it off. That was it, totally dead. I checked the battery connectors and just got a humming out of the starter. So my buddy towed me back in and that was it for riding. My battery is 7 month old but was not on a charge since my last ride Thanksgiving, it was turning over a bit slow when we left the ramp. Plus with the cold weather, frost down to 25 at my house, the battery may be a bit on the weak side. Back at home I put the Honda battery in and it seems to run normal.
    Question....could a bad battery caused this or should the system have charged the battery?
    Or do I have a charging problem and ran on battery juice till it was gone?

    After suggestions of taking Voltage readings I came up with those:
    Battery is 6 month old and Yuasa brand.

    O.K., here are the readings:
    per manual output voltage at regulator should read 14.5 V at 3500 rpm
    my reading 14.83
    and not increasing with higher rpm's

    Voltage at battery engine off 12.52 V
    at idle 14.69 V
    at 3000 RPM 14.73 V

    This was yesterday on another test run:

    I think it is more than a battery issue now. I went out yesterday to test the ski, battery charged and ready to go. Had the dash changed to Voltage display to see what is going on. In the beginning steady 11.8 V (do not know if this is good or bad) and the ski ran normal. Had to stop somewhere and it started right back up. Then the voltage dropped gradually down and I was back at the doc with 8.3 Volt left on the display. The ski ran fine without any problems and total run-time was about a good hour. I turned the engine off and from that point on the system was dead. No turning over or any display, just a feint sound of the bilge pump.
    Went home, cleaned up and put the charger on the battery.
    Next morning I tried to start but with no luck. Engine is turning over plenty. I checked the plugs and there is no spark. Not really sure what to make of this. I probably start with the rectifier/ regulator and see what happens.
    Any ideas are welcome!

    Thank you!

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    Usually when you have an issue like this it could be a couple of things. a regulator could be heating up and not charging correctly witch means going bad.
    you could have a ground breaking down.
    or even an alternator going bad.
    The best way to check it is put a voltage tester on it and ride it. also make sure the bilge pump is not staying on or going bad causing more load on the charging system.
    If the battery is not new and fully charged at the beginning of testing change it out with a new one.
    See if the regulator is very hot to the touch.

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