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    Question PLEASE HELP 1997 seadoo xp pto swap??

    Does anybody have any information on swaping out the factory pto from a 1997 seadoo xp?? Seadoo only made this style pto for 1997 xp's, and it is now discontinued and unavalible. I have been on the lookout for a pto but they are getting harder and harder to find and i have not been successful. I am at the point where this is the only part i need tp be back on the water, but am still not having any luck.The quetion i have is if anybody knows anything about a possible swap. Somebody told me i can use a seadoo hx driveshaft with a regular splined pto and that will work, but i want to hear some other peoples experiences, or opinions on this. Pleae help??!!

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    Also, if anybody has an hx driveshaft laying around and could measure it and tell me the exact length that would be a good starting point for me so i know if it is even close to the length of mine?? Thanks in advance, All coments appreciated!
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    I have a PTO for a 97 XP but I will have to look for it. I also have a complete ski that I will sell cheap if you are close to Nashville Tn.

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    Thanks!! I will PM you!

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    Anybody else?

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