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    jet ski painter in Houston area?

    Im looking for someone to paint my RXP for me, I live between houston and beaumont. I have gone to a few body shops near by but they were way overpriced. Thanks!

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    Just kind of curious how much was they wanting and was it pricede to gel coat it?

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    One wouldnt even look at it, and the other wanted around 2k. My gelcoat is in good condition, I just want them to paint over it. Just to clear things up this is just for the upper part of the hull, Im leaving the bottom as is.

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    You can be saprised at what a good buff job can do for gel, but if to oxidized and fadded and you dont want to wet sand it then, if you find a place and your going to go with a paint, dont have them use Nason 2k, if you want something that lasts have them use Tamco's Duraflint 2 its easy to use, single stage, and the most durable that I have found and looks like glass when cured when i say durible I mean it and yes been tested by running into some rocks at idel because our lake was down from drout hardly left a scratch . I would charge $850 to do a top, but of course I am to far away from you. and that should be a good figure to go by.

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    Yeah that's the price range I'm looking for! I am the one taking the ski down, (taking plastics off, removing the mats and glue, and taking the trim off. I just think 2k is steep

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