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    2012 RXT-X impeller re pitch

    Hi all,
    Firstly I would like to thank Jerry and Josh for the excellent customer service I experienced while purchasing from the online store. Jonaton from V-Tech, his time and communication has been fantastic while tuning my ski and finally all the members who contribute to the forum who pass on there knowledge to others to make it easy for new people getting into the sport.

    Back to the subject, With the below mods and Solas srz 15/20r my rpms are around 8200-8300, with a top speed of 77.5mph. This in 37 degree heat (98F) so i was pretty happy with this. But I'm after the magic number of 80+mph.

    So what recommendations do you guys suggest for repitching? I was thinking around 14/18?

    Cheers Matty

    V-Tech 8800
    Vtech 1100cc injectors
    Vtech Data Logger
    Supertech Springs and Retainers
    ET137 4mm s/c wheel
    Rrfpr set static 58psi
    Fizzel 4inch
    Fizzel intercooler and Relocation kit.
    Intake Mani Mod
    Thru hull exhuast
    RnD intake grate
    Ride plate holes filled and sanded.

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    Do you want to try re pitching yourself or do you want a 'from the shop' pitched impeller ready to go?

    I'd play with the trailing edge as its relatively easy without a prop gauge.

    I'd try 1mm to 1.5mm first.

    Just remember when its cooler, expect the rpm to come up too.

    What size rear cone is fitted to your pump? 83mm or 87mm??
    If its 83mm you could also try fitting am 87mm and gain some speed/rpm. (Maybe 150-200rpm?)

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    Taking 2mm out of the trailing edge would be a good start and would bump your rpms up to the 8500 mark.

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    Its the standard cone. Not sure what size its is. Was planning on playing around with trailing edge pitch as it looks pretty straight forward to do.

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    Your stock nozzle is 83mm, 2010 TX was the only year to use a 87mm.

    I highly suggest you send your impeller to Duke and get it re-pitched correctly! It is not as simple as you think, as the blade pitch is constantly changing across the blade. Just getting your rpms up to 8700-8800 won't necessarily produce more speed. Your target rpms should be 8700 for this ski.

    Where are you located?

    Breaking 80 is very attainable!

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    Im based in Australia, so sending over seas was my last option. Spoke with Seadoo centre but they were only interested in playing around with Scat trak impellers.

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    Check your slip !!!!!!

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    Hi Matty, welcome to the forum. The impeller is real easy to pitch yourself. I would start by decreasing the trailing edge 2mm.
    This thread will show you how

    Thanks again for your business!

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