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    GTX 4-TEC SC - "OIL" Warning but no code

    Hey all,

    I went out today to try out a 2005 gtx 4-tec SC that I purchase recently. Ran great for about 45 seconds then went into limp mode and the alarm sounded. The dash said "OIL." I restarted the ski and it idles fine. As soon as I give it some throttle (above 3000 RPMS or so) the OIL alarm comes back on. When I press set 5 times it does not give an error code. It just says "END." Do you know what is the problem? Could it be the oil pressure switches? I thought if it was the switches that it would give me an error code????

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    If the oil level is ok, replace the oil pressure sensor under the intake manifold and retry.

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    Quite possibly one of the switches. This is exactly what one of our ski`s was doing a couple of years ago.

    Can you get the ski to run normally if you let it warm up for a bit longer...give that a try.

    Ours would go into limp mode if you didnt let it warm up for a few minutes of idleing about....once it warmed up it was ok, then ran great all day.

    I changed out both of the pressure switches and it`s never given us any problems since. Think this was quite a common problem with these switches.

    We never saw any codes either when it was in limp mode but it always resetted itself if you stopped the ski and re-started it again.

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    It does always reset if I restart. However, it doesn't help it if I warm it up. I idled around for about 10 minutes and it would always go into limp mode when I gave it a little throttle. It ran for about 1 minute at full speed right when I put it in the water (cold).

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    your oil level is probably just too low...mine did the same when i changed the oil.

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    This exact thing happens with my 04 gtx-sc and this exact thing has been addressed in numerous posts on this forum going back for many years. The problem is that changing the sensor(s) sometimes fixes it and sometimes does not. Adding oil sometimes fixes it and sometimes does not. Others have said that the oil pump screens are clogged (requiring engine removal and teardown), and others have mentioned replacing the oil pressure regulating spring. I have not yet seen the "definitive" answer.

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