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    02 gtx di no spark!

    I have a 951 that imtermittingly has no spark. It will randomly run but if there is a sudden jolt from a wave or if I am running it to hard it will die and not start again. It can be for days then all of a sudden it will spark and fire up. Could this be caused by a bad crank position sensor or maybe a bad mpem or just shorting out somewhere? It is weird how it will randomly have spark then wont...

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    Cut back your spark plug leads 10 mm first see if it fixes it.
    Check inside the black electrical box at the coils.They need to be grounded properly together or no spark.
    Check your ground leads on the engine, The DIs have 2 or 3 ground leads for various components.
    If its intermittent it is usually a bad wiring joint or bad ground somewhere

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