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    Mikuni throttle shaft bushings.

    Any one ever change throttle shaft bushings? I'm rebuilding the Mikuni 44mm carbs on my PSI ski & have some slop in the throttle shafts on 2 of them. So I ordered new bushings. When I got my carbs apart I found the bushings in them are steel & the new ones are plastic. do the steel sleeves need to be drilled out? or are these carbs non serviceable? (junk) I don't want to trash these so I could use some advise from someone who has done this before.

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    I would say that if you have play they are knackered as you will be drawing in air through them giving less vacum so less fuel (bad). So either way you need to do something about it. Were they genuine bushes ? I have worked alot with nylon bushes but only ever used them as a quick fix until I had time and material to machine proper bushes. The bushes were not for pwc but I would be very wary of nylon bushes as they have a tendency to wear very fast (depending on the material) and are sensitive to heat changes. You want a good fit but it may get very tight when warm. They may even be fuel sensitive if they are cheap china aftermarket bushes but i doubt it as most nylon is good with chemicals.

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