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    GPR HotRods crankshaft, 60T cylinder, WSM 1300 piston

    **SOLD** HotRods crankshaft for sale that is out of an '03 GP1300R that I just bought. I ordered a new crank for the ski before the owner delivered it to me since he thought it needed a new crank/rebuild because there was a slight noise upon start up which he suspected may be a bearing. When I started the ski I could hear the noise and upon removing the crank, I discovered a tiny piece of the piston skirt that had broken off so I believe that is more of the culprit. The motor was never run in the water...only fired up on the trailer. The crank looks looks identical to the new one I just bought and the bearings spin nice & smooth. If I hadn't already bought a brand new crank then I would have re-used this one. It's a low hour crank...less than 50 hrs. Driveline coupler not included.

    Part number 4069 - Fits 2000 - 2002 Yamaha GP 1200 Waverunner, 2003 - 2006 Yamaha GP 1300 Waverunner, 1999 - 2005 Yamaha XA 1200 Waverunner, 2000 - 2001 Yamaha XR 1800 Jetboat

    $300/shipped within the U.S.

    *SOLD* Yamaha OEM 60T 1300 STD bore cylinder - Motor ran fine with this cylinder but there is a small horizontal mark above the port that I can just barely catch my fingernail on. I was going to send it to Millennium for re-plating but they had a freshly plated cylinder so I bought it.
    $115/shipped within the U.S.

    *SOLD* Brand new WSM Platinum standard bore 1300 piston - Piston has been installed but never run. Rings & wrist pin included but I would install new circlips.
    $50/shipped within the U.S. (piston on far right #1 in picture)
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    I need that piston possibly the crank please lmk if you still have it. Do you know if it will be fine with the other 2 stock.

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