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    Boat Catches Fire, Jetski Puts out Flames With Jet Pump

    This happened in Victoria, Australia last month in case anyone hasn't seen. V8 Inboard boat catches fire and there is no fire fighting equipment on board. The irony of being surrounded by water......

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    Who said learning how to splash water on a ski isnt usefull lol..
    Awesome capture right there but should have moved a bit closer (: , sorry for the boat though..

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    I saw that report when it first made the news. Pretty brave sine the burning boat was an explosion hazard. But quick thinking on this guys part to splash it with his jet wash.

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    Saved by a Yamaha!

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    quick thinking by the jetski owner to prevent further damage to the boat and enviroment, but it allways amazes me that people with camcorders will stand by and film instead of dropping everything and helping in any way possible. FFS you can here the kids screaming, what a nob.

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