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    What's the best year/model for a rec rider?!

    I'm in the market for a ski and reliability is key and all I read about Hondas is just I'm wondering is there any difference between the years are some better than other ? I'm looking to buy a used one on CL so all suggestions are greatly appreciated !! Also how many hours are too many for one of these ? Is there any major problems I should know about ? What the best year and model ? I will ride in the bay prob 1 or 2 up max thanks again in advance !

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    The F12Xs need to be checked with a flashlight and inspection mirror for turbocharger wastegate corrosion. Be sure to water test it up to 6k RPM for at least a minute without it going into alarm. The 15Xs are easier to check for corrosion and handle rough water like a dream. Both get the best MPG [7 MPG] of any 'ski.

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