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    looking for help with a gtx di 2002

    Hi all.
    New here from the uk so hello

    I have an issue starting my gtx di. I dont appear to get any fuel up the pipes to the engine and it wont start. Heres where I am at -

    I have lifted off the fuel rail and pulled the injectors to see if they were blocked. Tried to fire it to see if the fuel came up. Nothing.

    I have pulled the pipe off from the tank outlet and put the key in - Still get 2 beeps and the pump sounds like its working for 2 seconds but no squirt of fuel form the outlet. Pressed start for several seconds and engine turns but still no fuel squirts out any where. Should it? Does it need to be a sealed system to push fuel out?

    I have now pulled the pump unit out of the tank. thats as far as I have got.

    Really hoping someone can help here as I am stuck? Should fuel pump out regardless or as I have it all disconected , injectors etc , the ecu says dont pump fuel??????????????
    thanks for any help .


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    Yes, you should have fuel coming out of the pump if you have it disconnected and you put the key on....Your pump is dead..Somewhat typical failure on the DI models....

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