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    Friend Seeking New jetski... HELP!!! Looking for leads

    I've got a buddy that's wanting to step up from his 93 Kawasaki SS... HE DOESNT WANT TO SPEND ALOT!

    He wants a 3 seater... new/left over or LOW, LOW hours.

    I'm thinking sea-doo 4tec N/A (best price?)
    I'd like him to get a FXHO, but he doesn't want to pay over 10k

    I mentioned he might still be able to find a Honda F-12x or F-15x, which could be gotten cheap, any leads?

    What about a left over Kawa F15?

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    The 15f is a great ski. Not the most attractive but quick and reliable. Its good in chop and flat water. Tell him not to be cheap and get a new 300x or fzr yamaha

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    Why a left over 15F, they are less than that new...

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    I bet you could get a Vxs close to that price range...

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