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Thread: Gp1200 97/98

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    Gp1200 97/98

    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking at buying this 1998/97 GP1200 (red and white colors) down in Cali when I go there in 4 weeks.. The guy tells me it won't run at all he said's is that "Doesn`t Turn On, It Sais Its Locked"

    Should I stay away from this one or would this be an easy fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Oh that could be the security code thing. It happens everytime the battery is disconnected and reconnected. The guy needs to enter the code or reset it to get it to crank over. Its in the owners manual.
    After a quick search, I came up with this procedure to reset it:
    wires on a gp are behind the front bucket,down low..
    as per the gp shop manual...code re enter sequence

    1. split the blue 1 pin coupler (at the bucket front)
    warning lamp at center of cluster will blink
    2. press mode button (button lower left)for more than 3 seconds,..
    warning lamp (center) blinks .(informing you memory input is ready)...
    CODE is displayed on RH gauge and blinks..
    3. enter 4 digits via combo of the 3 RH input buttons
    4. if your buzzer works it will sound as they are entered..
    5. center lamp will light and A/B/C will display .. then after a second or two SET will display on the RH gauge,and the buzzer will confirm this with 3 buzzes and START will then display..

    6. the display then clears and the center warning lamp will blink

    reconect the blue one pin connector
    warning lamp will shut off..

    you should now have stored the new code..

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    Thanks Cutlass much appreciated!

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