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Thread: Free 97 GP1200

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    Free 97 GP1200

    Hull has a crack that starts where the middle of the fuel tank is and goes back 10-12 inches. It goes all the way through. Previous owner tried patching it but it still leaks as you can see in photo #4.

    I pulled out engine but still many good parts go with the ski. Pump is in tact. Gauges, seat is from a blue ski, stock rideplate, intake grate, no handlebars.

    Trailer is not free. You can take the ski FREE without the trailer or buy trailer if you need it $100 as is or I can install new lights and hitch coupler (which it needs) for $150 total.

    Let me know soon its going on craigslist this weekend if no one wants it here. Please look at pics and don't waste my time. The ski is free after all.

    This could possible be repaired but I am not that great with fiberglass and for the way I ride I rather not risk it. If you are using the ski in a river you could probably get away with another patch easily.

    Also will have the blue 98 GP1200 available for sale soon. THe exterior was stripped off for painting but never got around to it.

    I am in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Have the title, no title for trailer but have an old registration.

    Making room for my 99 Riva GP1200R!

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    On craigslist interest. Is the price too high ?

    I see hoods, seats, gauges, rubrails, impellers, rideplates, pumps, etc all on ebay for various prices you get all that free here.

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    I'd probably take it if you were closer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    I'd probably take it if you were closer
    Same here.. I know how do fiberglass body work I fixed my 98 polaris slth top hull that were damaged by tree.

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    How far are u from Miami.

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    Never mind I just map quested it. Too far for me also

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    Yea its about 10hr to Miami. I am from there originally its a long drive. Last PWC I sold was to a guy in Miami too. I think he didn't realize how large the state of Florida really is.

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    Hi,I could take you up on your generous offer if it's still up for grabs
    My son goes to ucf and i'll be up there soon.

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    Its gone someone picked it up today. I am no where near UCF, its 6 hours away. I graduated from there 10 years ago.

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