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    how bad is this for a ski? 08 vx waverunner im looking at purchasing

    I found a ski I want to purchase. Its an 08 vx deluxe and has 11.8 hrs on it. I went to see it today and upon initial inspection everything looks good. I am going back to do a very thorough look over the ski. The guy had it hooked up to a hose and started the engine while using the red and black cables hooked directly to a charger cables because the battery is shot and no longer in the wc. I have read before that jumping a battery isn't the best, is what he is doing OK? Serious question guys, I have a feeling he is doing this every time he shows it. Also, he has kept a heat lamp on it during the winter and it was so close it made the oil cap burn. Any things I should check after seeing the damage to the cap or is it probably not to big a deal

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    If jumping it off were to hurt anything it would pop the computer. This is the same as cars. This would cause it to not start and it is not a progressive problem if it starts again it will be ok. The heat lamp thing most likely only hurt the cap but I would look around for maybe a vacuum line or something else that is close to the cap, other than that I cannot think of anything else it could have hurt.

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    It will be fine but I would be worried more about the fact the guy won't even buy a battery for it to show possible buyers it runs without jumping it. Screams run away to me.

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    With only 12 hours on it, it should be just fine with a new battery in it. I'd say use it as a bargaining chip and get it for a few hundred less.

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    Thanks for the info guys, I will try and see if he will take some off for the battery. What batteries y'all recommend for these skis

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    I always used the SeaVolt from west marine and they lasted me many years and always fired on the first start. Love those batteries!

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    A "AGM sealed Battery" should be fine, it will run about $78 to $90 depending on where you purchase it. Goood Luck

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    I have always run Oddessey batteries in my skis and had great luck.

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