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    Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit

    Fixing to install V-Tech 8350 tune I have Riva Air Intake, intake manifold Mod, have a 12.5/19.5 Solas Impeller.Do I need a Fuel Pressure reg. Kit. If so which is the best. GTX LTD I/S 260 2011.

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    With those mods no you dont need one if you are adding more rpm's yes you should add one

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    You will not know for sure if you are flirting with disaster, until you get data logging on the ski that can record duty cycle or pulse width. At a very minimum, you need a wideband. My bet is you would be best protected with a set of 60s or 80s for about the same price. Any combination you choose, needs a way to fine tune it. The only way I would trust a caned tune without the proper tuning capability is if you knew it was a very popular combination and the base tune was verified by others with dataloggers first.


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    I would get a afr Gauge first and It wont hurt to Get a rrfpr if you do get a riva cant beat it for plug and play

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    Keep in mind that the fuel tuning tables are real different on a ski running a RRFPR are very different from one running fixed pressure. It is very dangerous to run the same ski on the same base tune jumping back and forth with you regulator.


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