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    new to the jet ski game, any tips??

    Never owned a ski before but have ridden a few mates ones and overseas on holidays.

    From my months of research i have come to the conclusion the ultra 300 was the go.

    I pick up a new 300X next Thursday and was wondering if anyone had any tips when running in, mantance and performance ungrades??

    also what is the recommended oil to use?


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    Your biggest decision, you have already made. I would resist the temptation to do any Mods to it. Leave it Bone Stock. I would surf this Forum for the areas you have noted as there is already a plethora of information already out there. JB

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    W.O.T. Wide open throttle all the time. The smile will be from ear to ear.

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    Hello & welcome to the Hulk! You made a great choice ... it will be very fast just the way it is. You can ride it all day just like you stole it

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    This is how I run a jetski shop in the desert nmpeter's Avatar
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    liability insurance.

    never let anybody else use your ski

    50 pushups a day for a month

    health insurance

    suitable riding gear

    liability insurnace

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    get out now while you still have money.......oh and yamalube 4W..

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    Listen to this guy if you want to do it right:

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    Self Confessed Day Dreamer toomanytoys's Avatar
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    Get a Jettrim style seat cover and Aussie Speed Control Override Module (SCOM) and go ride the p!ss out of that machine.

    Follow the maintenance schedule in the owners manual. Change your oil at 15 hours if you are OCD (like me). After you wash and flush the ski, lift the trailer up (put the jockey wheel on a block) and start it up again with a few revs for 10 seconds. This will dry out the waterbox and keep moisture away from the engine.

    Have fun and post up some pics and video.

    Cheers, Mal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotts View Post
    get out now while you still have money.......oh and yamalube 4W..
    Once again a very educated answer from the peanut gallery , keep up the the awesome work and maybe one you might be able to buy a real ski once you leave middle school.

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    Congrats on your new toy Tapps. Your first WOT run in mild chop will last for many months in your head, apart from that look after your toy and your toy will look after you. Anything your unsure of, silly or not post it up and you will get everyones opinion. Enjoy

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