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    2009 Seadoo RXT battery removal help

    I need to replace my battery and I am having the worst time removing the battery.

    Can anyone tell me why they make the batteries on the RXT so difficult to remove?

    I think I need to remove the tray, pull the tray out, then remove the battery from the tray. In order to remove the tray I have to remove one bolt that secures the tray to the seadoo on each side of the tray.

    The problem is these bolts are not easy at all to get to. I had to go purchase a 18" extension to get them out. I got one bolt out without to many issues.

    The other side (the side with the forward/reverse lever) is much more difficult to get out. Since you have to use an extension you cannot get on top of the bolt with the way it sits on the tray. You have to come in at a small angle.

    Well because of this the damn bolt has seemed to strip.

    So now what do I do? How in the world am I suppose to get out a stripped bolt using a 18" extension in an area that you cannot come right ontop of the bolt.

    Has anyone had this issue??

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    not my favorite task for sure..a little tricky and sometimes a knuckle buster but an extension with a quality universal and a 6 point socket and your golden.

    worse if the overflow not connected and battery acid has screwed the starboard side bold.(likely in your case)

    If it's really bad you'll need a die grinder to cut the head off. My current favorite is a 1/4 inch model from harbor freight.

    Not my first choice as getting the bolt remnants out is difficult in that area

    you might want to try one of those multigrip socket tools..penetrating oil and some hammer tapping won't hurt


    grinding around the fuel tank has serious risks. Ventilate the hull well and protect the fuel tank with some wet towels before attempting any grinding in that area.

    if somebody opted to remove the battery lifting just make the job more painful

    don't even think of using a torch to heat the bolt

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