Hey Gang,
I've been working with Randy at WeberPower to explore the options for repairing the damaged Nikasil in my MSX-150 block.

I thought this was good info for all prospective MSX 110/150 owners weighing-out their options with a damaged block. Randy said feel free to pass along the info.

> more user friendly. no plating flaking worries. re-honeable.
> includes removing the Nicasil, installing the new sleeves, boring to piston size & finish deck.
>Approx price for 85mm re-sleeve including sleeves - $655.00
(includes WeberPower shipping block to/from machining source)

Re-Plating Nikasil:
> better for performance applications. better heat dispersal. less friction. harder surface.
> requires new water pump bearings (both).
> includes removing & installing new water pump bearings.
> Approx price for 85mm re-plate including bearings - $583.00
(includes WeberPower shipping block to/from machining source)