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    06 gp1300 issues

    hi all new to this scene i have a 06 gp1300r yamaha
    mods include

    riva exhaust
    riva efi computer
    riva air filter

    been really good has about 118hrs on it

    just took it out and when it say warmish it hammers but say one speed run then its all over wont rev past 5000rpm hesitates looses power stutters. let it be to cool down and off it goes again for another 0-69mph

    still has cat installed im thinking once it warms up the cat plays up going to get a riva d-plate but wanted to see what u guys thought first

    cheers all

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    also tried it with out the riva fuel controller and air filter makes no difference doubt its the exhaust

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    It sounds like the cat converter has come loose and restricting the exhaust. It's always good to do a compression test to rule out a down cylinder or cylinder seizing up. Also check the pump and intake grate.

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    yeah have checked the intake grate all clean and free. compression is good 140 141 140

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    just pulled sensor out see if it had crap on it and it is bent

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