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    95 zxi just started cavitation on left turns?

    I have a 95 Kawasaki ZXI that I purchased new in 95 (stock, except for ride plate). This weekend when I took it out, on left truns it seems to cavitate, engine revs up and ski does not go. Sometimes it also does it when trying to take off. As I stated earlier, I have had this ski for a while and have not had this problem before. I have checked the grate and prop for trash, but they appear clear. Coupling also looks fine. There were just a few "dings" in the prop that I had not noticed before, but I would not think it enough to cause the cavitation.
    Any hints or other ideas?

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    It might be your prop, might need to be replaced.

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    You probably lost a chunk of sealant around the pump, pump shoe, ride plate, etc.

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