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Thread: What ski for me

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    What ski for me

    Right troops looking for a bit of advice on selection I'm looking to buy my first jet ski and the kawasaki ultra 250lx 2008 is looking pretty good and in my price range to me I'm probably going to be using it both lake and sea and also a bit of toy towing as well so any other suggestions welcome

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    Yamaha FZR or FX SHO is a good place to start imo...if you test drive the ski, this will help you decide what you like to ride best. There a re threads on this forum that deal with and gives tips on what to look for in buying a used jet ski. Good luck!

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    If you want a lot of speed & reliability ... got go with Yamaha ... if speed is all you want then the Kaw Ultra 250 is a good start. Both brands offer a good starting speed but the FZR is very hard to beat stock & the SHO without a supercharger is still very fast & reliable ... you can always mod the SHO @ a later date and achieve some impressive speed gains. IMO the only Kaw Ultra, if you must have one, is the 300X ! Good Luck

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    Yamaha FZS, the only difference between that and the FZR is that the fzs is a 3 seater. And if you plan on pulling it is much easier with the 3 seats, and over here its a law.

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    Yamaha and kawi offer good reliabity. I have an o7 ultra 250. Nothing but good reliable fun. I'm a kawi guy so I say horror it but if u choose the yahmy its also a great ski. Good luck

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