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    Looking Advice on 2009 FX SHO engine Removal.

    Hey Guys, I've tried the search function with no luck, I'm look for some kind of guide if there is any on removing my Sho engine and installing it again. I have an oil leak i need to find and fix.
    here is a little back ground on the ski.
    I got the ski with 3.5 hours on her basically brand new but with a problem, cheap by the way. The first owner(cousin) ran it in shallow water and got the cooling system clogged and the engine ran hot according to the History when connected to the YDS, this happened two times. the first time i got the ski it had the exhaust plastic resonator melted, the lower exhaust gasket blown and a cooling water hose that attaches somewhere under the exhaust manifold was lose. I ordered the parts and got it fixed at the Dealer and she was good to go again, sent her the ski back and before it had 8 hrs it was back at my house with the same problem this time only the resonator had melted a small hole. I ordered a Riva FF exhaust saying to my self " i want to see her melt that!". anyway before i could send it back she decided she wanted to sell it for a give away price that i accepted. This was back in late 2009. I've used the ski ever since that for the past three Easters and summers, it now has 38.5Hrs problem free besides that little oil leak it have. It seems like it only leak when the ski is sitting for some time. last eater I filled it up and ran a whole week and when Easter was over the dipstick was marking the same as before I started using her. It runs perfect besides that oil leak.
    I haven't used or even started them up since last Easter and pulled it out yesterday filled the engine with oil (two quarts just to get it below the fill line) charged the battery and it started on the first try engine turn.
    so I'm thinking on using it for the Easter break( last week of March) and then pulling the engine with the hope of finding where its leaking. I could send it to the dealer and have it done but i would have to transport it on a Freight boat since I have it on the Island. Honduras Bay Islands. I would probably event get it done for free since a buddy of mines is the Mechanic Boss/manager at the Dealer, but want to try do it my self to avoid having to transport it.

    I know its a long post but I wanted you guys to get the Idea.
    please post any comments you have,
    Thanks for your Time!


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    dude, buy yourself a snap on boroscope for 200 bucks on ebay. It has a long flexable camera you can look even underneath the engine for the leak. Dont have to pull the engine just need the right tools!

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    thanks for the reply, Never though about it but thinking on it now wouldn't i still have to remove the engine if the leak is way under there somewhere?
    where do you guys think i would likely be leaking from giving the early over heats it had?

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    My guess would be oil cooler on the left side of the engine

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    Hey Guys, after posting I went out and removed the Air filter housing and hose trying to get a better look around the oil filter and cooler and dont see no oil around there, also got a better look around the charger and cant see no leak around there either. . Ill leave the air box out and take another look tomorrow daytime for better just bugs me not knowing where its coming from.

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    my rear oil seal leaks if i run it over 8k too long or often, look to see if its wet near the rear output shaft

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    Could also be oil rings on the oil pump. They go bad from time to time.

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    Rear seal looks good. took out the electronics board today to get a good look. I guess it has to be somewhere around the oil cooler or under the engine. I also took out the stock air-filter box and from what i can see no oil but i cant get to see the very bottom part of the oil cooler or the front bottom part of the engine so I'm not ruling that area out yet.
    any more suggestions greatly appreciated !


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    Ask Jim's Performance...He knows the SHO inside out...An awesome guy to deal with...

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