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    Rebuild or part out 1999 Seadoo XP Limited?

    I just got a 1999 seadoo xp limited. I got this ski with the engine completely removed and taken apart. I was going to have the jugs sent out to rebore and get a whole new top end. But after reading a lot about the 951 and their reliability, I'm having doubts rebuilding it. I'm just looking for a reliable ski to cruise around in. I'm not looking to go fast. But I see a lot of threads regarding 951's and water ingestion and a lot of maintenance. I know ski require a lot of maintenance but the 951's require even more. I'm on the verge of just parting this ski out as I have the 951 engine on ebay for $500 just to see what kind of interest there is. I'm really leaning on getting a 1997 xp model as I've gotten some advice saying that they are much more reliable than the 951's. But with your opinions, maybe i'll just rebuild this 951 and see how long it lasts.

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    If your asking for an opinion i'd fix it.... clean the carbs and change the fuel lines if they are grey hoses.

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    951's are good motors if you keep the water out of them....And a 97 XP is a dog, it gained the weight of the new hull but same 110 hp motor from the 785..

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