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    1998 1999 sea doo GTX Limited

    Hello, I have a 1998 and 1999 GTX Limited. We are esentially making one ski. The hull is the 99 and everything else is out of the 98. We changed everything down to the wiring harness, electrical box, Mpeg, Carbs, even the gauges. It doesn't run right and the timing is off more than can be corrected with the computer. The only thing I can think of is that we have the wrong flywheel/rotor on it. I do know the 98 and 99 have different part numbers. We also have a few other rotors around so it is possible that a mistake was made. The problem now is identifing the correct one for a 1998 GTX Limited. Any help on how to identify the correct one would be appreciated.

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    The rotors are different between the two years ,The 99 has 4 trigger protrusions on the outside diameter of it. The 1998 only has 2 protrusions.

    A "protrusion" is the metal plates welded to the cup. They spin past the pickup and trigger the CDI and Coil(s). 1998 models have one ignition coil and 1999 and later models have 2 coils.

    Open the black box and see what you have ? Did you swap the mpems over as well.

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    Thank you, I know the computer, rear electrical box (only one coil) and wiring harness are all 1998. I will check out the number of protrusions on the rotors I have and make sure to use the one with 2 and not 4. There are numbers on all of them, but they don't seem to be the "part numbers". Does anyone know how to tell what a rotor fits based on the numbers stamped in the outside?

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