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    Prox Piston Clearence

    I have a seadoo gtx 2001 std bore.I have been using WSM Pistons and they come 87.91mm.Now I want to try Prox but prox is 88MM. Can I use prox 88m on my std bore.Do I have to bore cylinders?

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    You have to measure the actual piston and cylinder and determine if the clearance is correct.

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    .006 at the skirt is normal for Pro x. Wiseco .007-.008 as they expand a little more

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    Thanks for the inf. I'll measure the cylinder this week.My actual piston is std wsm bore.

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    I measure the cylinders today they are at 88m.

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    It is very unlikely that you will be able to run stock bore pistons 3 times with the correct clearances-- stock oem pistons (1st original top end), wsm stock bore pistons (2nd top end) and now you are going to prox stock bore?

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    Should I bore my cylinder at .25?

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