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    1993 xp restoration

    Picked up a running 93xp in decent shape for 200. Wanted a older ski to restore.

    Tore it down to freshen the motor up even though compression was good.
    Firstly engine has been rebuilt nearest I can tell. 657 cases 657x magneto cover heads and cylinders.
    Overall found these issues.


    Bottom case has been welded.
    upper case has crack
    Bearings in 657 crank are so so
    Both piston have scoring
    One rod had needle bearings other had brass bushing.
    Heavy corrosion in head and cylinders.
    Oil injection has been removed

    No issues



    Swap in carbed 951


    New seat cover.

    Parts wanted please let me know if you have them
    Ride plate extended if it will work with VTS
    Intake grate
    Aftermarket exhaust.

    Any difference in hulls between 93 and 94

    Here's where I am now. Along with pics of bad case.

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    Ill be following your restoration as I have a 93 xp as well that is waiting for me to restore it. Unfortunately for it, I have 2 other skis to restore before it. Good luck!

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    Going to a carbed 951. Gathering parts now. Going to be some work and add a skat track pump. But should be fun. 93 hull may be a bit squirrelly but hopefully the sponsons will help with that.

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    I would have new engine order from sbt and use core as exchange less headache in that way plus you will have a warranty from sbt. Wish y'all luck on restoration project.

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    Hull is completely stripped. Started buying parts today. NOS 951 cases, factory twin pipes sourcing cylinders to be re sleeved. Also have a stroker crank lined up. Still need a miller head and intake. 1168 here we come.

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    Motor is being parted in classifieds. Also need magnum pump

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    Thanks for starting this thread as I just picked up a running 92 XP for 250 and I will be following your thread as well. Just finished my very own 1st ski 95 SLT 750. All pics and info you can pass will be very helpful!!!!!!!!!!

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    What did you ever end up doing with this build?

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