Thinking of selling my 2000 SLX, I have had this ski since 2003. Very clean and a fresh engine done up from Sharp's Marine. New crank, new pistons, recreation style port job, heads shaved, jetted carbs, Stealth stacks, Jet Works flow control, R&D intake grate. I run it in fresh water only. I run it on 93 octane only. Runs really nice, I have been beside supercharged Seadoos and I can just creep by them on smooth water. I modified the pump nozzle to trim a little higher so it shoots an amazing rooster tail. I really don't need to sell it but, I just bought a boat last year and the ski is kind of on the back burner. I don't want to give it away but, I don't know what its worth either. Any questions you can call me at 207-727-0109. I am in southern Maine. Thanks