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    2013 rxt 260

    Hi, I currently have a 2012 RXP-X 260. I'm getting a 2nd ski, which I'd like to be more comfortable in choppy conditions and seat 2+, without loosing much of the sporty feel. I am leaning towards a new 2013 RXT 260. Any good or bad reviews (based on personal experience)? What is a great deal (price) for this ski?

    Thanks for your advice.

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    I just bought a 2013 RXT local dealer had the 2012 listed on their site for 12,699....when I contacted them, they said they had sold out of the 2012, but would sell me the 2013 for that same price....I jumped on it, but not sure if you can do better or not...I am in the Portland OR area, so region probably matters too....

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    $14143 out of the door rxp X 260 with 3 year of warranty

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