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    Help plz - gp1300R

    Hi , needing some help if poss on my gp1300R 2004 model , I have rescently fitted a d-plate with chip as my cat was broken up after 94 hours . Everything went ok fitting the plate except from a few seized bolts which I had to heat up to get out .
    only problem I have now is I have fitted exhaust ect back in position but noticed that the grease nipple which is located on top of engine area and uses the same bolt to hold it down as the exhaust/lifting mount has a small hose to obviously pump grease to somewhere that you can't accessed has become disconnected and I don't know where to connect the hose back too ?

    can anyone be kind enough to shed some light on this situation for me .
    Thanks to all

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    It goes to the mid-shaft bearing located under the driveshaft cover.

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    Great thanks (beerdart) ill check that out shortly

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