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    13 RXP X 260:Assistance with removing all yellow body parts

    So I found someone to professionally wrap my yellow body parts in pearl white. Wondering if someone can give me detailed instructions on removing all yellow parts as I would love to just bring him a box of parts to wrap instead of leaving the actual seadoo with the guy as it takes up room.


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    The side panels are easy, just a few screws under the hood and a christmas tree..I havent had the hood deflector off or the little pieces on the hood so i cant tell you that...

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    Yeah I'm mainly stumbled by the two little intakes In the front that look like handles kind of , having some serious doubts about those two pieces. Thanks for your help

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    Hey there, I know this is an old thread but I'm wondering if you have figured this out yet. Im having the same issue. Im also wondering if you would pass on the info about the guy who will wrap you body parts. Thanks. I live in Toronto by the way

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    DB Designs does my wraps in southern Ontario. They have taken care of all our race boats motorhome trailers the works. Does amazing work! PM me for his details

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