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    2006 stx 15f wont stay running

    i recently purchased a 2006 stx15f that hasnt been started in years. i replaced the fuel pump,spark plugs and drained the gas. now it will start for a second but wont stay running. i had it running for about 10 seconds but i cannot touch the gas. i have been using jumper cables to start it as it didnt come with a battery. i just bought one. also with the fuel online says it goes from the pump to regulator to the rail then back to pump is this flow correct and how would i check the fuels psi.

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    the fuel flows as follows


    Check the pressure, DON'T RUN OFF JUMPER CABLES, just don't

    Check the link in my signature for the troubleshooting guide.

    Good luck,


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    correct pump filter rail reg tank

    the reg is design to control pressure RETURNING to the tank

    problem u have now is NO pressure in rail


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    thats weird i followed the pictured diagram on line but noticed when its run that way its run the rail last right to tank. perfect hopefully this fixes it ill let you guys know tomorow what happens.

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