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    4-Tec: Correct Install of Flywheel Magneto Drum & Accompanying Stamped Sleeve THINGY?

    Situation: Local dealer pulled 04 GTX LTD motor. When motor blew supercharger, it did some collateral damage to both oil pumps, starter gear, etc. I'm starting to reassemble. I noticed my flywheel drum that rotates around the stator has a stamped, fingered THINGY that sleeves around the drum. Does that THINGY have to be in a SPECIFIC position. I got a replacement drum, but can't tell from my pile of parts exactly how the stamped, fingered THINGY positions around the drum. ANY ADVICE IS APPRECIATED! THANKS!

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    There is a locating pin on the crackshaft to line it up.

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    There is a locating pin on the crackshaft to line it up.

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