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    Some OsideBill footage from 2007 & 2008...

    Bill Was the friendliest dude I've met! It's unfortunate that many members on this forum or any other forums that he resided in only knew him by his screen name or "the yamaha guy" OR "The carb guy" and never got to really meet & talk with him. It's still sinking in.... I came across some old videos from back in 2007. Jerry & his wife were there on a long ride to Topock from havasu. He always had a smile, I never heard or seen him get pissed although I know a few here have seen that side of him, but like Hydrotoys said, " he kept it to himself"... R.I.P buddy!! God must have one helluva Project for you up there to take you away from your family us!

    This Video has several members.. Bill is wearing the red skull cap. It's crappy quality but you can still tell who is who, I think..
    Check out the 4:15 mark, me and bill going at it.. Me on my 06 RXP & he's on his 75MPH GPR... Good times!

    In 2008, Bill is in the middle at the beginning.. ON A SEADOO!.. LOL

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    Priceless ! Thanks for sharing this treasure .. I never had the pleasure to meet him in person ... just a few post on GH.

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    That was awesome! Good to see all them GPRs running strong, and of course Bill in his element!

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    I see Chris, Bill, Jerry, Carey, Spud and the Spitty in the pits at the end...
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