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    2003 seadoo gti rfi issue

    I have this ski and it goes great in a straight line, when I turn the revs die and is slow on pick up?
    also I have another that does 85 miles but I can't get this one past 70 miles any suggestions on my two issues.
    thank you

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    Welcome, just throwing crap at a wall but , fuel pickup in tank? Throttle cable?

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    Thanks but replaced throttle cable no change, will check fuel pick up

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    When you turn there is more load on the engine. So a blocked fuel filter may be the problem. Try some high octane fuel. Check the spark plugs, you carburetor could also be part blocked, your carbi has accelerator pump the specs says "Better acceleration and performance, less exhaust fumes."
    maybe the accelerator pump is defective whatever that is lol....
    keep us posted on the outcome

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