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    Warm water feed for cold weather riding - RXPX

    Want to be a little warmer on cold weather days and had a great setup on my STXR, ran the water off the engine to a mix container (to even out temps from on and off throttle) then out a hose into my wetsuit. Short of an open loop system, has anyone tried to achieve something similar with the RXP?
    A simple solution would be a dry suit, a complicated one could be tap the pump for a pressure feed, build a little heat exchanger to put inline with hot coolant from engine to the ride plate then out a tube to the rider.
    Any thoughts or threads already covering this? I looked but didn't see any.

    Thanks, Jason

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    ICer air bleed line may bring you some "warm" water, just not sure how warm....

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    In cold water off the IC want be warm enough.
    Get water after exhaust manifold.
    I have a dump off mine and even in summer is still touchable.

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    Just get a thicker wet suit.

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    All you need to do is get a short hose, click it onto the flush fitting and you will have hot water...may be a bit hot though!

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    Man, I didn't even think about the second, open loop for exhaust and IC. Thinking the temp off the IC could be a little chilly but exhaust should be nice and warm, if too warm I could use a valve to control mixing the two.

    Awesome, thanks for the help,

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