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    pre mix on a fuel injected ski ??????

    Can you run premix through the injectors or will i blow up the ski ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrian52492 View Post
    Can you run premix through the injectors or will i blow up the ski ?
    been doing it for years, no problem

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    I am not sure what your are confused about? Gas & oil have to get into the engine to be burned weather it is injected or fed through carbs this is the case on all 2-strokes. Fuel injection only is performing the funcion of getting the pre-mix gas or stright gas from the tank & getting its oil from the oil tank pump to the injector system or to the carbs.. no issues I have both types of 2-stroke skis ... one is fuel injected and the other is carb but both must get a combination of gas & oil, this fuction can be pre-mix with the use of oil injector or you can block off the oil pump system and premix your gas & oil and then pour into tank for your carb type ski or fuel injected ski .... its that simple

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    lol ok thanks guys I was thinking the same thing just wanted to be sure

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