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    Just bought a 06 r-x

    Hey guys could some one help me please. I got caught up in the moment and bought a ski without water testing it and took it out today and it wouldn't get over 3200 to 3300 rpms and the ski was only doing about 15 to 20 miles phr guessing cause the speedo wasn't working" Come to find out there was a small rock jammed in the speedo wheel. The guy I got it from didn't know anything about the ski at all. Bought it on a whim and had to sell immediately cause financial difficultys. Didn't have a manual either. I saw some thing about codes that will enable the ski to operate at full capacity? How do I change these codes? The ski runs perfect in the driveway. Thank you , Ryan

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    if it was locked to limit mode, it would restrict you to about 35 mph, does it state limit mode on the display? to engage this the motor will be off, press and hold the mode button for at least 5 seconds, untill it comes on,
    when it is on it will flash.
    reverse to shut it off, sounds like a turbo issue maybe, well go from here.

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    Hope your turbo didn't go.
    That's big $$$$

    That's also why people dump skis quick.
    Good luck.

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    Hey Guys< the turbo was seized so I took it out and freed right up put it back in after spaying the crap out of it and the waste gate with crc. Turbo works great now sitting in the driveway. Taking it out this weekend ...keeping my fingers crossed!! Thanks, Ryan

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    Oh yeah the bearings in the journal felt really smooth still! , Ryan

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