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    2003 XL700 Driveshaft Compatibility - can't find one

    While rebuilding the pump and midshaft assembly on my 2003 XL700, I noticed some really deep grooves in the driveshaft where it meets the seal in the duct/grate assembly. For this reason, I want to replace the driveshaft. After looking up the part number, it appears that this driveshaft part number - 65R-45511-00-10 was only used for the 2003 model only. It appears that even the driveshafts from the 2002 or 2004 XL700 models will not fit. I have searched this forum, ebay, and all over the web to no avail. Seems that it would be abnormal for Yamaha to make this part for one year only and for one ski only. Has anyone encountered this before or found a substitute make and model that would fit or have any advice for me. I ran a crossreference on Babbits part number lookup and the 2003 XL700 was the only one that showed up. This is frustrating.

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    2003 XL700 Driveshaft Compatibility - finally found one

    Well after much research and searching, I found that sells a replacement driveshaft which fits the following models: Yamaha XL701 '99-04, WaveVenture 701 '98, WaveVenture 760 '97, XL760 '98. OEM # 65R-45511-00-00. I looked up this part number which comes from the 2002 XL700A and it crossreferenced to the following skis:

    1997 WAVE VENTURE 760 (WVT760V) - Jet Unit 1
    1998 WAVE RUNNER XL760 (XL760W) - Jet Unit 1
    1998 WAVEVENTURE 700 (WVT700W) - Jet Unit 1
    1999 WAVE RUNNER XL700 (XL700X) - Jet Unit 1
    1999 WAVE RUNNER XL760 (XL760X) - Jet Unit 1
    2000 XL700 (XL700Y) - Jet Unit 1
    2001 XL700 (XL700Z) - Jet Unit 1
    2002 XL700 (XL700A) - Jet Unit 1

    This being said, I'd be willing to bet that any of these driveshaftw will also fit the 2003/2004 models of the XL700 waverunners. I will re-post once I get the driveshaft in - hopefully with a story of success. It took a lot of work to figure this out - hopefully this post will save someone else a lot of the leg work that I had to do.
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    finally found one ??????????????

    I also have a 2003 Yamaha XL700 and I have to replace these 2 parts

    Drive Shaft (Jet Pump)

    Couplor Shaft (Mid Shaft)

    I got the replacement Couplor Shaft Found but ran in to the same problem everything I found for mine was 65R-45511-00-10, I just wanted to know if you ever got part 65R-45511-00-00 and whether it worked or not, thanks for your help

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    Yes, i did end up buying the driveshaft from Atlantic and it fits just fine. The only difference is that the threaded portion of the driveshaft where the nut goes (behind the bearing and under the nozzle cap) is a different diameter and thread so the existing nut will not fit. However, if you look at the parts breakdown shown for these other models the nut is not required. I initially thought this was wierd but then realized that while the ski is under load, the driveshaft is being pushed towards the engine and the nozzle cap keeps the bearing in place so the nut is not really needed. Regardless, mine is working just fine without it.

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    Sweet problem solved

    Thats good to hear, so basically i could get that and just fine the right size nut just for my satisfaction and i am good to go, thanks for your help your the only one on here with this info

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    Go to they have your driveshaft at a really great price. I bought my mid shaft from then when my xl1200 took a dump.

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